My Olympics Prediction: Dead On for the Top 3

Several Months before the 2008 Olympics went under way, I made a rough calculation and prediction on which country will get the top spots in the recently concluded sports event. I was surprised to find out after checking the final tally in the website that I made the correct predictions for the top 3! Check out the comparison below.
The image at the right is slightly biased because it came from a Chinese website of course. Nevertheless, USA should have gotten the top rank because they won the most medals total. Russia did very well as well considering they weren't too positive in performing this year. In any case, much like the 3 previous Olympics showdown in the past 12 years, it was a neck and neck battle between the American and Chinese superpowers as shown in the image above. For the 2012 Olympics, hometown advantage should put Great Britain in the top 3.


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