Yes I'm Driving One

Ladies and gentlemen, if some of you have been caught up in the political circus this election year, let me tell you that there is one awesome sweepstakes event that is right under your noses! has launched this innovative digital marketing event to let people know what popular race car drivers like Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle and Ashley Force are driving and what they had to say about their driving experience with their Ford vehicle. There is more to it than that of course! Enter the contest then invite five other friends by filling out the email address forms. This will give you a crack at one of three grand prizes; a driving school experience with your favorite driver or tickets to any of the 2 upcoming racing events.

People who enter for a chance to win in this contest can also win any of the autographed racing helmets by participating race car drivers. There's no time to waste! The grand prize draw will be on November 7. Fans will definitely be wise to join this sweepstakes as soon as possible. There are three awesome prizes just waiting to be won for just doing a simple task that doesn't take 5 minutes of anybody's time! To join this, click here -> Drive One!


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