Cool Bike? Or weird guy?

Yes the Chinese are crazy! Just take a look at what this man did to his bike! The guy's Meng Jie and he says he worked on converting his bike for 2 months. In China, the people have really gone crazy for the Olympics. In Beijing, everything seems to be revolving around next year's games. From several massive constructions down to naming their babies "Olympics"! Since having won it's bid for the Olympics several years ago, a lot of Chinese couples named their babies "Aoyun" which is the Chinese translation for Olympics.
Since the year 2000, 3,491 babies, mostly boys, have been named Aoyun by their parents to show support for the Olympics. Coincidently, several thousands of Chinese babies have also been named after the Beijing Olympics mascots. 624 babies named after Ying Ying, 642 named after Ni Ni, 880 named Bei Bei, 1,063 named Huan Huan and Jing Jing 1,240.
Now for a person living outside China, who in their right minds would name their kids after a mascot? I can't imagine the embarrassment a kid named "Ronald McDonald" something when he grows up. Are the Chinese crazy? Or are they just running out of names to give their kids? Here's a tip ---> Use English! ha!

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