Olympic Family In The Making

For the first time since 1904, 3 siblings may get the chance to compete at the Olympics at the same time and in the same sport. The athletes I'm talking about are Steven, Mark and Diana of Sugarland, Texas. In the recent conclusion of the 2007 Taekwondo championships unfortunately, only Steven got his chance to qualify for the Olympics. Mark and Steven lost their quarterfinals match respectively. But they get another shot at going to Beijing when they participate in the Pan-Am Olympic Qualifier tournament in Cali, Colombia which will be held December 7 to 9 this year. The three have a long history with the sport of taekwondo. Starting from the Coach and older brother Jean teaching Steven, Mark and Diana their favorite sport in the make-shift dojo they made in their garage. See Steven's story in his Yippykya profile by clicking on his picture above.

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