What bible ban?

Foreign Chinese detractors have come out punching again! After the mildly popular Olympics Boycott movement sputtered into yesterday's news, out comes unfounded reports that catholic bibles are banned in China. It's just another futile attempt to stain not only China's reputation but the Olympics. Another controversy to stir up things before the Olympic games next year. Two sports newspaper allegedly claim they read in the 2008 Olympics participation rule book that possession of the bible is prohibited in the Olympic Village. The Chinese were quick to respond that their were no such prohibition included in the said rule book and has affirmed that they will respect foreign participants religious rights as they have always did for the foreigners living in China in the present and in the past.

Sometimes it makes me think if Chinese organizers themselves are behind all these. I mean every sporting event needs some form of hype to spice things up a bit. Right? The Olympics marketability is boundless yet judging by searches in the internet, there's still a lot of people who don't know much about the Olympics. This "controversy" might just be the thing that China and the Olympics need to raise awareness for next year's games.

This is primetime for China. I would have to say more people know about the Olympics more than China so this is the perfect opportunity for them to showcase what their country has to offer beyond the Olympics. It's going to be a boost on their tourism to say the least. So at the end, I think all the controversies are all going to work for China if people look at things in a different perspective.

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