Beijing Big Brother will guard the 2008 Olympics

Like a watchful guard dog, the Digital Beijing Building will be monitoring the day to day operations of the 2008 Olympics. Even before the opening ceremony kicks-off, the Chinese disaster management specialists will be working around the clock to prevent possible terrorist attack. Located near the National stadium, the Chinese hope that with this disaster management center they will be able to respond very quickly in case of emergency during the Beijing Olympics.

The high-tech building is hooked up with all communications providers in Beijing to weed out out, prevent and manage untoward incidents that may happens before and during the competitions. The Chinese hope they can deter any possible terrorist interest to destroy the peaceful holding of the games. Cameras, audio devices and statistical gathering devices will be spread throughout the sports venues to monitor developments.

With all the technological trappings the Chinese could buy to ensure safety, the Beijing Olympics organizers admit that they would need the cooperation of the Chinese locals to ensure a smooth sailing Olympics next year.

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