Beijing 2008 Olympics Preview and Trends

Olympic Gold Medal Tallies 2000-2004

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Here's my very own Olympics Preview! The chart above represents the gold medal tallies and performances of the 5 favorites for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. As you may notice, trends are very different for each country. Noticeably, The U.S. has not been on the uptrend for the past 3 Olympic games. While China and Japan seem to be the new emerging powerhouses of the Olympic games.

With the "home-town advantage" on their side next year, China, without a doubt has a lot on their shoulders. Specifically it's athletes who have all sorts of pressure to perform due to the fact that they are doing it for the country's pride and ofcourse because of the amount of practice and training they have put into their chosen sports.

Basing my predictions on the chart above, China, with a very uptrend will be a force to contend with. It's not going to be easy to predict how many golds they will haul next year because of the fact that they have home-town advantage. Japan, on the other hand, has been making leaps and bounds with their Olympic performance. Increasing their Olympic Gold Winners 3 folds from 2000 to 2004. Australia has been doing a slightly positive performance with their Olympic gold haul almost the same for 200 and 2004. Russia is more of a steady performer for the past 3 Olympic games.

With all this said, here's my own Olympic Prediction for the Beijing 2008 Olympics.
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