Olympics Blog - Why is it Smart to Blog about it?

Making a little search on Beijing Olympics Blogs in Google, I found out that there are a few blogs out there trying to capture the big if not humongous internet traffic that the Beijing 2008 Olympics will generate next year.

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Right now I'm seeing that there's minimal traffic coming from Google about regarding the Olympics. Most searches about how to travel, tickets and schedules. These will probably be the biggest searches as the Beijing 2008 Olympics draws closer. Currently, about 15% of the traffic for this blog comes from Google. A total of 20% if I consider all of the traffic from different search engines. Notably, the Google searches comes from the U.S., Australia and U.K. with some sporadic clicks from Europe and Asia.

What I'd really like to capture is the Chinese market. There's at least 1 billion people in China and I would not be surprised if at least 1% of that 1 billion are internet users looking for information about the Beijing 2008 Olympics next year. 1% of 1 billion is 10 million. Wow! That's a lot of traffic. It makes a lot of sense to be blogging about the Beijing 2008 Olympics now does it.

There are a lot of wannabes out there ( including me ) that are thinking of the same thing, to capture the traffic. The problem is, how do we get noticed? How do we get those organic traffic? And how do we beat out those big sites in their own game? The answer to that, I'll keep a secret. I'm optimizing my site just for my blog to be at least on the same first page as the big and official sites. Right now, I have some number 1 rankings on some of the keywords related to the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

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Here's some of the Beijing 2008 Olympics Blogs out there:

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