China 2008 - What the Future holds for the Chinese

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The Beijing 2008 Olympics should make it a banner year for China in 2008! The Chinese should also expect a prosperous few years even after the olympics has ended. But in China 2008, what will the Beijing Chinese do to make everything seamless for the Beijing 2008 Olympics? What about security and terrorism? Is their Tourism & Hospitality industry ready for the influx of Beijing Visitors? Approximately in the millions just before the Olympics starts. What about telecommunications? Are there systems able to handle the volume once the olympics starts? Are their systems going to be compatible? Or do they even care?

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Here's a few news items I've gathered around the net to show you what plans China has for 2008 and everything related to the Beijing 2008 Olympics.

Construction Outlook for China to 2008Construction expenditures in China will increase 11.2 percent annually through 2008, driven by sustained foreign investment, additional economic reforms and healthy demand for Chinese goods. Non-building construction will grow the fastest, followed by nonresidential building and private home construction.

China Tourism Outlook 2008 The prospects have never looked better. Driven by 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai Expo, China tourism industry is projected to witness unprecedented growth, Several global players have already gotten their feet in the door and are awaiting further opportunities to force their way deeper within the Market. Examples include TUI, Accor Hotel and Singapore Airlines.

Beijing Games 2008 -- China Bets Big On The Olympics China is looking to score big in hosting the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games next August, but the judging may be very tough. Much has changed about China and Beijing since the International Olympic Committee awarded the games to Beijing in 2001. It’s unclear how much China is actually spending on the games (Aug. 8-24), but that is par for the course when it comes to Olympic spending. Greece -- which hosted the 2004 games in Athens -- is thought to have spent around $9 billion Euros, which at the time was close to $12 billion.-From CNBC

China Reveals Security Strategy For 2008 Olympic Games The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released its China Olympic Security. Between 2001 and 2008, the security investment in the Grand Beijing.-From Security Solutions

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Chinese Economy to Remain Robust After 2008 Olympics The Chinese economy will remain robust after the 2008 Beijing Olympics as has happened in some other host nations, said renowned economist Li Yining. China is only halfway to full industrialization and the thirst for investment will not subside when the Beijing Olympics closes, said Li at the ninth New Year Forum held in Beijing University. Huge amounts of investment is required to rejuvenate the old industrial base in northeast China and the country's underdeveloped west, said the economist, adding that hi-tech industries are also a new hot area that will attract new investment. New energy resources, Bio-technology, new materials and new generations of electronic products will draw huge sum of money, said Li. Strong investment after the Beijing Olympics will keep the Chinese economy growing fast, said the economist.-From

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