From The Ashes They Rose

Within just days after the magnitude 8.0 earthquake struck the Sichuan province, sports officials from the devastated region is sending its athletes to several parts of China to participate in the preparation for the Beijing Olympics. Eight athletes who were actually practicing for the games were left unscathed after the disaster.

Sichuan has top athletes in the track & field, gymnastics and Wushu events which will be participating in the test sports events and are hoping to make the cut for their corresponding National sports team. Unlike other countries who will be participating in the Beijing 2008 Olympics, Chinese athletes do not have to play and win in the qualifying tournaments. China as the host country in this year's games have the privilege to field in any athletes they wish but with some set conditions. Chinese athletes get a free ride into the roster of athletes automatically and all they need to pass is their own national team standards.


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