San Francisco Torch Relay Pushes Through

Contrary to reports and calls for the torch relay to be canceled due to strong protests coming from Tibet supporters and human rights activists, the Olympic torch arrived today and its 6 mile relay will push through in observance of tradition to symbolize the Olympics spirit and the athletes' aspirations for the coming 2008 Beijing Olympic games.

Scores of protesters have already gone ahead in making their presence felt by scaling the Golden Gate bridge and posting banners in support of their causes. Upon the Olympic torch's arrival however, none of them seem to be present. Security officials claim they will be treating the Olympic torch's arrival like a state visit from a head of state. Security has been closely guarded and plans of re-routing the 6 mile run of the Olympics torch is in place just in case protesters get another chance like they did in London and France earlier.

Watch This Video of the Olympics torch arriving in San Francisco


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