Riots Erupt In Paris Leg Oympic Torch Relay

I knew it was coming! The desperation of human rights activists have finally come at its peak. In France, the Olympic Torch relay had been interrupted twice and had to be discontinued due to mobbing protesters supporting Tibet's cause.

Demonstators were kept well away from the Olympic torch by a strong French Police protection yet a few managed to come as close as an arm's length of the torch bearer. Many protesters were hurled tear gas as they performed a sit-in strike. They draped the Eiffel tower and Paris City hall with protest banners. The Olympic torch had to be extinguished twice for the whole Paris leg but Jean-Francois Lamour former French Sports Minister said that the original Olympic flame which symbolizes the Olympic spirit is kept safe and lit in the original lantern in the place where it is kept overnight and on airplane flights.

Check out these featured videos of the scene in Paris France over the weekend.


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