Disparity In Philippine Amateur and Professional Boxing

I would have to say I'm disappointed (to say the least) that amateur boxing in the Philippines has failed miserably in producing world-class or at least Olympic competitive athletes! Amateur boxing has been one of the Philippines leading sports for the past 2 decades. The Philippine boxers, although failing to win a gold medal in the past, have been reaching the semi-final rounds in Olympics boxing back in the 80's and 90's. But now they could only send 1 boxer to the Olympics so far.

In contrast, Filipino boxers have been making waves in the international scene this year. Leading the pack is Manny Pacquaio who has beaten some of the boxing legends in his weight category. There's also Nonito Donaire,Gerry Penalosa, Florante Condes and Donnie Nietes, all have world championship belts to show. Other pro boxers slowly making a name for themselves are Rey Bautista, Bernabe Concepcion, Rexon Flores, Draian Francisco, Czar Amonsot, Z Gorres, AJ Banal and Along Denoy to name a few. Aside from Viktor Payla, it's kind of funny that I can't recall any other Filipino amateur boxers name.

I think the real problem is just a matter of support. Pro boxing in the Philippines has gotten tremendous support and following even in the grassroots level. There are pro boxing competitions in many provinces. Plus the marketing of these pro boxers is admirable. I haven't seen so much exposure and support online, off-line and in media levels for the past few years like what they have now.

In the U.S., amateur boxing is the grassroots of pro boxing. A lot of pro boxing greats have come out of the U.S. amateur boxing team. The Philippine Sports authorities need to think along those lines if they want to bring Philippine amateur boxing to a new competitive form.

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