It Looks Like The Olympics Boycott Campaign Backfired

Maybe the 2008 Beijing Olympics Boycott hype has not been getting its desired outcome. With the demand for more Olympics tickets is the ultimate proof the people are anticipating and hoping to get a piece of the Olympics experience more than any other Olympics events held previously. The expectations are great and so are the number of people hoping to make that trip to Beijing, China or find a way to get tickets at least.

News from the grapevine indicate a lot of people from different countries are complaining of limited availability for Beijing Olympics Tickets so much so that unlike previous events, families of athletes may not be accommodated for next year's competition.

Initially, 2008 Olympics Organizers in Beijing have allocated 75% of those tickets to be sold for Chinese residents only and the remaining 25% to foreign individuals. This time due to the great demand for tickets outside of China, the Chinese organizers have increased their allotment to foreigners by another 25%. This gets a little tricky to comprehend how they will go about redistributing the tickets because almost half of the total have been sold already on the previous lotteries in China. I don't believe they will be overselling more tickets than available because it would present a big security risk during the games itself. News from Yahoo even candidly headlined that getting Olympics tickets is fast becoming a sport in itself.

With this said, I wonder where the Boycott campaign has fallen to? There's a old local saying in our country that goes... The louder the sound is, the more hollow the source it came from.

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