Underdog Puerto Rico bites Topdog USA in 2007 Volleyball World Cup

Surprise, Surprise! After 2 outings, dark horse Puerto Rico seems to prove they're now in the same class as the world's volleyball superpowers. Beating Japan in their first outing, Puerto Rico virtually shocked and shook the other teams and the standings respectively after defeating Team USA in straight sets.

It's a record of some sorts as it is only the first time Puerto Rico, a U.S. commonwealth, has defeated U.S.A in 30 years. This win made in two out of two for Puerto Rico in the tournament same goes for Hector Soto who also became the Most Important Player for the second time in as much games.

The next game for Puerto Rico is against the wild card team of Bulgaria. It would seem like the easiest outing for the Puerto Ricans compared to the previous matches but Bulgaria may pull the rug under Team Puerto Rico's feet and stop their onslaught this early. The other superpowers, Team Brazil and Team Russia had easy wins for today against Spain and Australia respectively.

Similar to the women's competition, this 2007 Men's Volleyball World Cup will determine qualifiers for the Olympic Volleyball tournament in Beijing next year.

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