Team Russia Unbeaten Going To Final Round Of The 2007 Men's Volleyball World Cup

Five-time Volleyball World Cup Champions Russia feels confident of getting another championship year and more importantly "a foot" in the the 2008 Olympics volleyball competition next year. Russia still has an undefeated record of 8-0 in the competition, only losing one set against Tunisia in the first round.

Follow the 2007 Men's World Cup of Volleyball below:
1. First round results
2. Second round results
3. Third round results

Check out Russia, U.S.A, Brazil and Spain's schedule for the final round here. In the current standings, Russia stands at first place with 8-0, second place is Brazil with 7-1, third and fourth is Bulgaria and the U.S.A. I think the Russian and Brazilian are shoe-ins to get the Beijing Olympics Volleyball berths. It will only be the U.S.A and Bulgaria to dispute the last one for this competition.

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