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It's every man, woman and student for themselves come Tuesday as the Chinese Olympic organizers open up another round of 2008 Beijing Olympic Ticket sales! Yes! It's the kind of set-up where you can expect people to kill just to get their hands on at least a couple "premium" tickets. The resale value of these tickets can reach as high as 600% based on market value. Undoubtedly, there will be some unscrupulous people who will sacrifice a little time and effort for the prospect of reselling the tickets for a small fortune.

Unfortunately for us, Tuesday's sale will only be available to people in mainland China. Tickets are limited. Only a maximum of 50 tickets will be sold per individual for those not-so-popular events. The sale of "premium" tickets for events such as the opening and closing ceremonies will be limited to 2 per person. Undoubtedly, that's a prevention measure against people planning to get rich quick by scalping tickets at outrageous prices.

For the lucky ones to get there before the tickets run out, it will set them back 100 yuan or a little over $13. Not too much for people in the states but it probably is for the Chinese in the mainland. Cool thing if you're a student in China, you get a huge discount and it will just cost you 10 yuan!
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It's gonna be a long day in China on Tuesday as people will try to get their hands on 1.8 million tickets for sale at accredited locations. For us? Well, we can just look it up on the internet! I'm pretty sure a lot of those tickets will be up for re-sale in E-bay or some place else. Just be careful! If you plan to buy 2008 Olympics tickets online, make sure that you are going to be the second owner of the tickets. Chinese Olympic organizers have set a rule that the Olympics tickets can only be resold once. Click here for tickets to your favorite concert or show!

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