U.S. Boxer Javier Molina One win away from qualifying for the 2008 Olympics

Info PR: n/a I: 7,580,000 L: 0 Cached: n/a I: 0 L: 0 LD: 166,744,866 I: 668000 L: 0 Rank: 8 Age: Oct 12, 1999 whois Price: 1621155 Density

American light welterweight Javier Molina used his brains to out-box his opponent Emil Maharramov of Azerbaijan 27-10. His opponent never came closer for a more exciting match as Javier sealed the win even before the second round bell started.
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Javier Molina's teammate Gary Russell was even more impressive in his own bout against Peter Moyshenzon of Israel. Russell won convincingly by beating his opponent 20-1. Gary Russell is also in the running to qualify for next year's Olympic boxing competition.
According to rules set by AIBA the governing organization for amateur boxing, the top 8 finishers in this competition for the light flyweight to the light heavyweight division will get their ticket to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. While only top 4 for the heavyweight and super heavyweight class will get their chance to compete next year for the Olympics. The list of boxers below are still in the running to qualify.
Fourth day of eliminations winners:
SAPARBEK UULU Tilek, ARROYO McJoe, ROMERO Jonatan, MARRERO Claudio, VODOPYANOV Sergey, MANJU Wanniarachchi, RUSSELL Gary, HALLAB Ali, MANZANILLA Hector, TRETYAK Maksym, OLTVANYI David, BADAR-UUGAN Enkhbat, GU Yu, RAKHIMZHANOV Mirzhan, JULIE Louis, Richard Bruno, MURRAY Joseph, PARK Kwan-Soo, HAMBARDZUMYAN Eduard, GHVAMICHAVA Levan, KAWACHI Masatsugu, SAPIYEV Serik, BIZIER Kevin, SEPAHVAND Morteza, IONUT Gheorge, BELOUS Vasilii, VASTINE Alexis, MOLINA Javier, SAUNDERS Bradley, KOVALEV Gennady, KATE Gyula, GEORGIEV Boris, MAI Maititusunquiong, SWEENEY John, CHAKHKEIV Rakhim, POYATSYKA Denys, ALIZADE Eichin, KHANI AL ASSALI Mahdi, MUNTEAN Mihail, M'BUMBA John, PAVLIDIS Ilias, SIMMONS Stephens, GAJOVIC Milorad, POVERNOV Alexander, RUSSO Clemente, YUSHAN Nijiati, AL MATBOULI Ihab, DARMOS Jozsef Daniel, KAMARA Babacar

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