2007 AIBA World Championships in Chicago: the best place to desert your country!

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No shock in this bit. Where else would the best opportunity ( for a citizen of an impoverished country ) present itself but the land of milk and honey! Today when I found news that 3 boxers participating in the World championships in Chicago, it was hardly a surprise. This was what Fidel Castro was worried about! Some of you may remember the Cuban President opted not to let his boxers participate in this 2007 World championships because he thinks some of them may get a smart idea of deserting and seek asylum in this anti-Cuba country.
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In today's news, 2 Ugandan and 1 Armenian boxers have suddenly disappeared and seems likely to have deserted their boxing teams for a better opportunity of livelihood in the U.S. Now there's 3 more cases of illegal immigrants for the U.S.! LOL. The boxers were identified as Philip Adyaka and Sharif Bogere of Uganda and Vachagan Avagyan of Armenia. The three boxers went missing along with their luggage, increasingly the suspected likelihood of these 3 athletes might have gone to hiding and were actually planning to do so before even stepping on American soil. Investigations reveal that the 3 have been in contact with their kins. But their relatives don't seem to be worried about them, increasing the likelihood that these is another illegal immgration case. See the Chicago Tribune news of this case.
There have been several similar cases of these in the past. Most notably from Cuban boxers who successfully deserted only to be caught by authorities and deported to Cuba.

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