I'm the biggest mover in rankings! Yehey!

I felt so glad I got a PR4 after Google adjusted it's Pagerank recently. Weeks of hard work in blogging, submitting and linking did it for my Call Center Blog and this Olympic Blog. I can't complain like most of the blogosphere because I wasn't detrimentally affected by the recent PR adjustment. Well... I can't imagine myself being affected anyway because how can I go much worse than the PR zero or PR N/A that I started with. LOL

But the happiest part of the day for me was when I found out that I'm the biggest winner in one of the local ranking sites that I joined! Well, actually I didn't even know I was even listed in this ranking site. I did send a request for inclusion but I didn't get an email confirmation back so I thought I was rejected. Today, as I browsed through yugatech.com, a post discussion led me to a page where this blog is listed as one of the 2 biggest movers in rankings! The ranking site is called ratified.org by the way. It is a blog ranking site exclusive for Filipino bloggers. The administrator uses some complex calculation to determine the ranking which include Google PR, Technorati Authority and number of feed subscribers. I haven't gotten into how he does the actual calculations but nevertheless I was happy to find out that this Olympic blog rose from oblivion to ratified rank 42 ( today it's 41 already :D )! I say oblivion because I didn't expect to be ranked so high since I only got "ratified" 10-27-2007. Considering there's really a lot of Filipino bloggers out there who have more following, I probably could humbly say that it's quite a big achievement for my blog. Or as the ratified tag may call it, a "Breakout"!

With that all said, I sincerely hope that I can keep on blogging to keep my readers and gain more sports fans readership! I love you Google! I love you Ratified! LOL

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