Amateur Boxing Just Doesn't Get Any Better!

Info PR: n/a I: 7,580,000 L: 0 Cached: n/a I: 0 L: 0 LD: 166,744,866 I: 668000 L: 0 Rank: 8 Age: Oct 12, 1999 whois Price: 1621155 Density

Heard about the 3 boxers who shoplifted in Nordstrom? Ha! It almost sounds like a old lousy joke. But the story is true. After 3 boxers deserted their national teams in the 2007 AIBA world boxing championships in Chicago last week, here's another untoward incident involving another 3 boxers.
The three boxers, Ronald Gavril, Marius Bogdan Dinu and Gabriel Julian Stan all from Romania. The y apparently went on a "shopping spree" after losing their bouts at the World championships in Chicago. A very embarrassing incident for Romania and more so for AIBA who are virtually sponsors of all the boxers competing in the tournament. It looks like there's news block on the case as media were not provide more information about the incident in Norstrom. The cops say they got nothing! Oh c'mon! They could have at least provided the booking details! Some mugshots maybe? Haha!
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AIBA officials apologized for the actions of their boxers and sent them packing to their motherland. Maybe a better way putting it is... They got deported.

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