U.S. vs The Philippines Head To Head

Info PR: n/a I: 7,580,000 L: 0 Cached: n/a I: 0 L: 0 LD: 166,744,866 I: 668000 L: 0 Rank: 8 Age: Oct 12, 1999 whois Price: 1621155 Density
The match-up between 2 veteran amateur boxers from my 2 favorite countries is definitely something that worth watching. I just wished I had the up-link. *Sob* For boxer Violito Payla and American Rau'shee Warren. Today is a day of destiny. The winner earns a ticket to the boxing competition while the loser goes home with his ego wounded and needs to compete again in some other qualifying tournament to reach the Olympics. Today, the round of 16 will determine the 8 qualifiers for the bantamweight division of Olympic boxing.

I feel that there's a lot at stake in this match-up. Both are grizzled warriors of the sport and may not be able to get another chance for the because of the rigors of boxing and old age. Both competed in the 2004 Athens yet both didn't even make it to the final 16 round in Athens. Payla, whose age is a big factor in this head-to-head, is the definite underdog here. While for Raushee Warren, a win here would definitely be a honor and some sort of record. If he wins against Payla and gets a slot in the Olympics competition, he will be the only American boxer to compete in two Olympics in a span of 3 decades.

I don't know about you readers, but I feel for the underdogs. For this match I'd have to bet my money on Violito Payla. Go Team !

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