2007 Shanghai Special Olympics Update

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Special Olympics set to end with a bang - Following a spectacular curtain raiser, the directors, designers and artists of the Special Olympics are ready to raise the bar with a breathtaking closing ceremony. With the theme "Sunshine and Life," the closing ceremony will offer a farewell party packed with displays by intellectually disabled performers and other guests from 164 nations and regions. "If the opening ceremony started like a dream, then let's fulfill it at the close," said Teng Junjie, the director-in-general. Read more...

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Shanghai Special Olympics witnesses highest sports achievement - The on-going Shanghai Special Olympics has witnessed the highest sports achievement in the history of the Games, said Chairman of the Special Olympics International (SOI) Timothy Shriver here on Monday. Shriver called at Shanghai's International Gymnastics Center on Monday to watch the women's finals of the rhythmic gymnastics. Although the performances of the intellectual disabled athletes were comparatively easy, they have made high achievements for themselves, he said. Read more...
Special Olympics makes big impression - The Shanghai Special Olympics World Summer Games has elicited a string of superlatives - grandest opening, most delegations, widest media coverage and greatest impact, senior officials at the event said Sunday.During a press conference in Shanghai, officials of the International Organization for the Special Olympics used words such as superb, spectacular, fantastic, best and grandest to describe the event's opening ceremony. It is estimated that some 70,000 spectators and people watching the event on TV saw the ceremony. A combination of technology, athletic skill and culture made for a ceremony that observers said was on par with anything they had seen for the regular Olympics. Read more...
New York University to set up partnership with Special Olympics - New York University will get involved in the Special Olympics more deeply as it is to set up partnership with Special Olympics on the occasion of the Special Olympics World Summer Games in Shanghai.The activity, to be held on Oct. 10 in Shanghai's Mayfair Hotel, will also serve as a celebration of the Oct. 2-11 Summer Games in Shanghai. All the Team USA athletes, their families and the volunteers coming from New York University will feature in the interactive event. Read More...
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More On The Special Olympics, please visit: The Official Special Olympics Website

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