Marcos Torres Bid For The Olympics Gets Media Attention ( Finally )

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I'm kinda both happy and annoyed to finally see our kababayan's bid to be Pinoy Olympic Torch Bearer get some media attention. Happy because I know this will push him further up the rankings of the foreign Olympic Torch Bearer candidates. Annoyed because it took over 2 weeks, a lot of internet buzz and hordes of bloggers for GMA-7 the no.1 television channel in the Philippines to finally take notice of his campaign and finally feature him on the news. In addition, I'm peeved not to see any articles, features or at least a text line in GMA-7 TV's website about his campaign given the significance of Marcos' campaign. Not since the 1960's has there been a Filipino Olympic Torch bearer. This is the first time a Filipino will get recognition in actively participating for the Olympics 2008. Frankly because it has been ages since the Philippines won an Olympic gold.

If I'm not mistaken, the time to vote is over and the votes has all been counted since the first week I blogged about Marcos Antonio Torres' bid. People can still vote for Marcos Torres in the link --> Vote! But the link for rankings has been closed --> Torch Bearer rankings which led me to the conclusion that the time to vote has long been over. Moreover, the BOCOG has announced that they are already in the process of evaluation for the Olympic Torch Bearers and would release the final roster February 2008.
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Another thing that sort of bothered my mind was GMA-7's lack of recognition for those who have helped spread the word for Marcos Torres' bid. A lot of his votes came from the Filipino Online community. More specifically Pinoy bloggers who have featured Marco to help him get his votes. The only mention made was there was strong support that gave him over 3,200 votes as of writing. For GMA-7, I strongly believe it was too little too late. Too little media exposure and too late the hero for them.

In any case, I still support Marcos' campaign and I definitely would feel proud that I contributed not only on his behalf but also as a contribution for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Mabuhay ka Marcos! Mabuhay ang Olympics! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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