Sina Loses To Sohu Over Lucrative Rights To Sell Olympics
Advertising Sales Rights for Olympics Merchandise is fast becoming a fierce competition between the two biggest Chinese websites. and are at logger heads over who gets to sell the Olympics next year. Sohu says that any advertisement that has the 2008 Olympics logo on it can only appear on their website. Sina, other the other hand, is challenging Sohu's exclusivity and is in fact working to increase marketing and development to attract more if not all advertisers for the Olympics.

While the war of words heat up, the Olympics organizers has timely intervened. They favored and confirmed that's marketing rights as an Olympic sponsor, such as its eligibility to use the Olympic logo. The Olympics organizers went on by warning other institutions not to commit ambush marketing. Sina since being handed down the decision has removed all Olympics logos displayed on their website. Noticeably, there is no news pertaining to the Olympics on their website. I'm pretty sure is going to lose a lot of business because of the loss.

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