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In simple ways, blogging for the Beijing 2008 Olympics is a lot like a horse race. Given that the actual Olympic sporting event is roughly less than a year from now, there's plenty of time to prepare shape up & build/optimize blogs to get the maximum number of internet traffic as we approach nearer to the 2008 Olympics. There's plenty of traffic to go around too. Imagine hundreds of internet users in China alone could potentially be the market to go for. That's not counting the hundreds of millions of internet users around the world looking for information about the Olympics before & as it is happening.
Why do I say this? Look at the facts & possibilities: There's an estimated 4 Billion people who are going to view the 2008 Beijing olympics as it is happening. Majority of those people will not have direct access to a TV that gives live broadcast. There's a lot more people having internet access that TV access on a regular working day. Therefore, there would be millions of searches for information about the Beijing 2008 Olympics. Wow... potentially Olympic bloggers can get millions of hits they never dreamed of. Their servers can get loaded like the never experienced before.
Right now, I'm seeing a lot of people sharing the same vision. There's at least 10 blogspot blogs that recently started blogging about the Olympics next year. The race to get to the top of the search engine rankings is just now a matter of keeping the blogs current with relevant information about the Olympics. Funny as it sounds, there even a few blogs for the London 2012 Olympics too. They're not too excited about that aren't they? LOL.

Keywords & content will be key to this "race'. Just to share with you some of the keywords searches that landed some people to my Beijing 2008 Olympics blog recently, here's the list:

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