China Out To Control The World

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Wow. I can't believe China is going overboard this time. They have been an emerging superpower in terms of economy, they're the most populous country in the world, they have a formidable military capability. But now, news all over the net describes how China has been trying to control the weather for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They have been seeding the clouds by bombarding their skies with silver iodide to induce rain & prevent the dust from the north to reach the all important venues for next year. But of course there's still the dirty air in Beijing to worry about. Well, considering the tons of money the Chinese have been pouring to building the Olympic venues, I guess it wouldn't be far-fetched for them to want to guarantee on rain would ruin the Olympics.

It's gonna be a tall order if you ask me. Especially during this time of the year when it's storm season in Asia. I'd love to travel to Beijing myself for the Olympics just for the experience but i don't want to see China controlling the weather just to make everything "better". It's one good thing to make sure everything is good to go for the Olympics, it's another thing to mess with mother nature. I'm pretty sure there will be a backlash against China if continue to do this. The pictures above is the amaing architectural rendition of the "Water Cube" where all of the autic events will be held next year. Images courtesy of Many thanks to them.

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