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The 2008 Olympics draws ever closer. The countdown is pegged, as of writing, at 364 days to go. So the search for anything and everything about this event also balloons up bigger and bigger. It's funny how people search the web for information about the Olympics. I signed up for the free trial of word tracker for keywords related to the Olympics and I almost laughed when I saw what it recommended for niche keywords. Very diverse from gold karats facts to abba history. Those 2 by the way are highly suggested to be keywords for the Olympics. Most did not make any sense but they keyword Effectivity index says they are relevant. Here's what it recommended:

ultram ny Olympic bid hits funding snag japan Georgia, sports cream death, play sports games, motorcycle and relay, materity swim suit, history of supertramp, history of pink Floyd, history of led zeppelin, gold karats faq, gold bird dvd romanian gymnasts, free Beijing Olympic lapel pins, fore strong international, flight to olympics , flames fonts, Elton john history, Chinese baby names, carlos santana history , Bushido history, bob Marley history, best air fares to Beijing china, abba history

Funny how people seem to think and look for information on the net. For example, ultram ny olympic bid hits funding snag japan Georgia, I really don't know what the guy who made that search was looking for. Or sports cream death, maybe the guy was looking for an awesome pain-relieving cream? Or even worse, materity swim suit, is there such a thing? Hahaha.... The Keyword Effectivity Index for these keywords average in the 20,000's and the competition for sites using these keywords are very few so... hey why not blog about it I thought. The words that I used to generate these keywords from word tracker are: 2008 Beijing Olympics, Olympic games, china, china air tickets, travel to china, so on and so forth... I figured a lot will be searching for those words to get information on the Olympics and it would be a good start for this blog to study the keywords right now when it's relatively early to talk about or even blog about the Olympics. I hope I reach my goals before the Olympics ceremonies kick-off. The next few posts will be concentrating on specific events that shape up the next Olympics in Beijing China.

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WalksFarWoman said...

Goodness, I never realise the Olympics were next year. I must live in a bubble. :) These keywords are certainly odd but we're always been advised they are really necessary if you want to get noticed. Great looking page!

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