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I have been in serious trouble with financial debt almost a decade ago. I must admit it is not a good feeling when you've lost control over your finances and left with no clear way of paying your loans back. Compounded by the interest and the penalties that go along with every payment you miss, it is definitely a mental "quick sand" once you've been reeled in.

Back then, I was able to get a huge loan from a relative who was kind enough to throw me a lifeline without further burdening my predicament. I paid off all my debt in one fell sweep and in a way consolidated all of it towards my relative. It took me a few years to pay all of it but at least I did not have the stressful feeling of being in a bad credit situation.

I was lucky to have been helped by someone close. However, not everybody is lucky enough to have an angel help us out. For most people, consolidating debt and paying them in a way you can possibly afford requires professional help like from the debt managers of If you haven't come across an IVA, then it may be high time you read about you options at to find out if this may be your ticket out of the financial mess you're in now. Proper debt management is the solution and the folks at can show you the light at the end of the tunnel.


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