Getting Ready for London Olympics 2012

With around 3 years to go, no other people would be more excited than the Brits for the year 2012. As for all nations who have won the privilege to host the Olympics, many of them have pulled out all the stops to make this future sports competition the best there ever was. The Chinese had their turn last 2008. Next will be London.

In the meantime, Olympic venues' construction have been on schedule and while no buildings have yet been finished. The designated architects have given us a glimpse of what could be the best London can come up for the 2012 Olympics in the U.K. Here are some of the sneak peeks.

Olympic Stadium London 2012

Olympic Stadium London 2012

Velopark London 2012

Velopark London 2012

Aquatics Centre London 2012


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The most anticipated event in the forthcoming years are the Summer Games to be held in London. Really looking forward to visit these locations with our team of tourists and visitors.

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