3 is a charm for the Olympic Torch

Olympics Torch San FranciscoAfter 2 almost successful disruptions by Tibetan separatists in the London and Paris leg of the Olympic torch relay, the next one held in San Francisco, California USA proved to be peaceful and without any of the same chaos experienced in the European leg. This is all thanks to close guarding and monitoring of security personnel and intelligent decision of the San Francisco torch relay organizers.

Droves came to witness as the torch passed through its normal route and concluded in an undisclosed location apparently to confuse would-be disruptors. One witness told that there was one attempt to snatch the Olympic torch from its bearer but vigilant police guarding the event quickly prevented the person from even getting close to the Olympic torch.

Americans of Chinese descent from across North America have come to participate or at least watch the torch pass through while being entertained by the Olympic torch's entourage of dancers.

A human rights activist explains why she will carry the Olympics torch in San Francisco


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