Boycott Efforts Increasing Desperate

In less than 5 months going to the Olympics, protests and calls for a boycott of the Olympics have come out of the woodwork left and right. My cynicism tells me anti-China protesters have been increasingly getting desperate as countries around the world remain supportive of the Summer Games. Some of the leaders of top countries like the United States and Japan have expressed their voices already and has pronounced that the Olympic Games in China should not be used as political leverage for reasons unrelated to the the centuries old event.

These declarations have dampened efforts of human rights activists to gain support for the boycott and have now been focusing on the political events in Tibet after they tried to make a leverage out of a similar political uprising in Burma a few months ago.

Are they going to continue to pressure China to bow to their demands? I believe so. Are these people going to be successful? I highly doubt it. Will China still have its games? More likely.

"There is no success for a cause pushed by impure means"


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