Rough Roads Ahead for Serbia After Defeating U.S. Women's Volleyball Team

The Serbian and American women's volleyball teams go on separate and very different paths towards the end of the 2007 Women's Volleyball World Cup after a very tough match today which the Serbian women won in Nagoya, Japan.

Although losing this important match to the Serbians, the U.S. Volleyball team will get the better, relevantly lighter path as it battles less favored teams of Japan and Italy. Serbia on the other hand will need that extra boost of motivation from the win against the U.S. as it faces two of the world's powerhouses in women's volleyball, Brazil and Cuba.

This Women's Volleyball world cup is an Olympic qualifying tournament and the top three finishers will earn a slot at the Olympic volleyball tournament in Beijing next year. This year's country participants are the U.S.A, Brazil, Cuba, host Japan, Italy, Serbia, Korea, Thailand, Poland, Dominican Republic and Kenya. The Italian women's volleyball team leads all with a tournament win-loss record of 9-0, followed closely by the U.S.A with 8-1. Three teams are tied at third place with Brazil, Serbia and Cuba scoring identical records of 7-2. The men's volleyball world cup competition would start November 18.

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