Filipino Olympic Dream Came True: Marcos Antonio Torres Officially our Pinoy Torch Bearer!

This time it's official and only awaiting the final go signal from the Chinese Olympic Committee! Marcos Antonio Torres, a Filipino marketing manager working in Beijing China, will be carrying the Olympic torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics! Out of 5 Filipinos who filed an application to be a foreigner to carry the Olympic torch he garnered the highest votes received. Out of the 262 foreigners in China like him who filed their candidacy, He emerged as the second top vote receiver ( 13,342 votes ) for the Olympic torch bearing opportunity! This is owed to the fact that he was able to appeal to the Filipino online community particularly bloggers like yours truly to support him in his dream and spread the word for him.
The Olympics sponsors Lenovo and China daily have finalized their tally of votes in which out of the 262 candidates, only 8 will get the opportunity to carry the Olympic torch for 200 meters enroute to Beijing next year to light up that enormous Olympic flame that the Olympics has always been known for. There should be no stopping Marcos Antonio Torres in becoming our very own Filipino Torch Bearer for the 2008 Beijing Olympic games. On the other hand, the other Filipino Olympic torch bearer candidates, Jamie Florcuz and Michelle Florcruz landed on the 24 and 25th place in the voting. Noel Novicio, another Filipino candidate placed 31st. And Jeremy Sy landed on the 73rd place out of the top 100 candidates.

Congrats Marcos! Make us proud! Itayo mo ang bandila ng Pilipinas and be proud to carry the Olympic torch in behalf of all the Filipinos around the world! Mabuhay ka!

Click here, to visit Marcos Antonio's Torres' blog
Click here to view his Chinadaily profile
Click here to visit the story page for the final 8 foreigners who will be Olympic torch bearers

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