2007 AIBA World Boxing Finalists Duel It Out Today

Info PR: n/a I: 7,580,000 L: 0 Cached: n/a I: 0 L: 0 LD: 166,744,866 I: 668000 L: 0 Rank: 8 Age: Oct 12, 1999 whois Price: 1621155 Density
22 world-class amateur boxers go for gold today at the 2007 AIBA world boxing championships in Chicago, Illinois. After hundreds of boxers got eliminated within the 48 boxing sessions in this amateur boxing championships, only the cream of the crop survived and will be fighting for country honors this year. The 22 boxers are already a shoe-in to qualify for the 2008 Olympic boxing tournament since reaching the quarterfinal round 2 days ago.

Among the country participants in this year competition, Russia stood out as the best owing to their 6 boxers that made it to the final round in their respective divisions. The world will be watching as these boxers mentioned below will be battling it out for the honor of being world champion going to the 2008 Beijing Olympics in China.

48kg category:
Harry Tanamor - Philippines vs. Zou Shiming - China

51kg category:
Somjit Jongjohor - Thailand vs. Raushee Warren - USA

54 kg category:
Sergey Vodopyanov - Russia vs. Enkbhat Badar-Uugan - Mongolia

57 kg category:
Albert Selimov - Russia vs. Frankie Gavin - England

60 kg category:
Valentino Domenico - Italy vs. Alexei Tishchenko - USA

64 kg category:
Serik Sapiyev - Kazahkstan vs. Gennady Kovalev - Russia

69 kg category:
Demetrius Andrade - USA vs. Non Boonjumnong - Thailand

75 kg category:
Alfonso Blanco - Venezuela vs. Matvey Korobov - Russia

81 kg category:
Artur Beterbiev - Russia vs. Abbos Aboev - Uzbekistan

91 kg category:
Vyacheslav Glaskov - Ukraine vs. Roberto Cammarelle - Italy

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