Badminton Olympics Qualifying Tournaments 2007

The Badminton world Federation uses a ranking system that will determine the official list of participant qualifiers for the Beijing 2008 Olympics badminton competitions. The maximum number of players per NOC shall be three entries in each of the five events, provided each
entry is qualified. The ranking and qualifying period for the Olympics competition will be from May 1, 2007 to April 30, 2008. Within that period, sanctioned badminton competitions will be used to determine the rankings. Participation in any of the following will count towards the BWF ranking list during this period:

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Thomas Cup (all stages)
Uber Cup (all stages)
Sudirman Cup
World Championships
Super Series
Grand Prix Gold
Grand Prix
Other Open tournaments (with prize money of US $5,000 or over)
International Challenge
International Series
Future Series
Continental Championships (individual and team)
Any other international event publicised by theBWF Council in advance as being included
With prior the BWF approval, individual and team events at other major multi-sport Games

The Olympics will only allow 86 men and 86 women participants. 38 male participants in men's singles, 38 female participants in women's and 32 pairs each in men's, women's and mixed doubles competition. The Chinese dominate the rankings of the men's and women's singles, women's and mixed doubles as well. The only other top players from another country so far is the men's doubles pair of Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan from Indonesia. Top players for China are Lin Dan, Chen Yu, Ning Zhang and XingFang Xie.

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Upcoming Olympic Qualifying Badminton Competitions
Macau Open Grand Prix Gold - October 2-10 2007
Puerto Rico International 2007 - October 4-7 2007
Dutch Open Grand Prix - October 16-21 2007
Denmark Super Series - October 23-28 2007
Yonex Sunrise Vietnam Open Grand Prix- November 6-11 2007
Scottish International Championships 2007 - November 22-25 2007
Pakistan International Challenge 2007 - November 25-28 2007
Korea International Challenge - November 27 - December 2 2007
Yonex Irish International Championships - December 6-9 2007
Singapore Cheers Youth International 2007 - December 17-22 2007

Latest Olympic Badminton News:
Legendary Danish Badminton player Morten Frost will train and help Indian Duo
Yonex Sunrise India Open postponed due to bomb blast
Goodluck Beijing 2007 Badminton competition - a test run for the Olympics

Official Website of the Badminton World Federation

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