2007 Women's Soccer World Cup Coaches continue to fall-off

Within a day of announcing U.S. Women's Soccer coach Greg Ryan's contract will not be renewed, another coach decided to quit and pursue other endeavors. Women's National Soccer Team coach Marika Domanski-Lyfors decided to pack her bags and call it quits for the Team China. Possibly due to inability to reach her goal to reach the 2007 Women's World Cup semi-finals, Domanski-Lyfors, in her statement, said she will need to take a break from work and concentrate on her personal and family life for the meantime. Another possible controversial reason for Marika Lyfors departure was her disappointment that she was left with little control over decision-making in her team during the 2007 World Cup.
Marika Domanski-Lyfors had a respectable stint while coaching the Chinese National Team but was more recognized in improving the play-making abilities of her wards. I guess we won't be seeing Lyfors and Ryan in the 2008 Beijing Olympics now. Not as a coach anyway.
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