Richard Gere against the Beijing 2008 Olympics

Here's probably the biggest & most recognizable face encouraging a boycott of the Olympics. Richard Gere, a staunch supporter of Tibet & devote Buddhist, recently commented on one ambush interview that "A general boycott to me certainly has value; it's probably impractical, but emotionally absolutely makes sense". Gere went on saying he thinks China should let Tibet decide it's future. Mr. Gere has been on the watchlist on China immigration & has been banned from entering China because of statements like this.

For an avid Olympics supporter like myself, I think Mr. Gere is biased & uninformed about the Olympics' purpose. The Beijing 2008 Olympics is about sports & not about politics. He's just another jumping on the hopeless bandwagon of boycott the Olympics bit. Of all the comments Mr. Gere only one phrase makes sense. That is when he said - "'s probably impractical" Darn right it is... No way he's going to make any difference. The 2008 Olympics in Beijing will still move forward. There's your 15 minutes of politics fame Mr. Gere.

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