Olympic Hockey Qualifiers & Qualifying Tournaments

For the hockey fans around the world, there are still 3 Olympic qualifying tournaments for your favorite teams next year. As of present for the Olympic men's hockey competition China, Korea and Pakistan, South Africa, Canada, the Netherlands, Spain, Belgium and Australia have secured participation for next year's Olympics. There are still still 3 spots left for next year's Olympics hockey competition which be decided in the following hockey competitions next year:

1. Men’s Olympic Qualifier in Auckland, New Zealand held on 2-10 February 2008
Men’s Olympic Qualifier in Santiago, Chile held on 1-9 March 2008
Men’s Olympic Qualifier in Kakamigahara, Japan held on 5-13 April 2008

On the women's side, the teams from China, Japan, South Africa, Argentina, Germany, the Netherlands, the U.K., New Zealand and Australia have all qualified for next year's Olympics. The three others will be decided on the counterpart competitions of the men's side.

For complete and updated news on World hockey, click here for the Official Website of International Hockey

Click here for the 2008 Hockey competitions schedule

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