Crucial game for Germany & Japan's women soccer teams

The defending champion Germany Women's Soccer team & Olympics hopeful Japan's Women's Soccer team will headed for an important game for each of their teams tomorrow. Team Germany will be gunning for a quarterfinal seat while Japan is in a more difficult situation. Team Japan needs to score one goal & then hope that Team Argentina keeps it close and win or doesn't lose to Team England by more than one goal.

The match is slated tomorrow 8PM in Hangzhou, China. Germany will be missing the services of midfielder Simone Laudehr because she picked up 2 yellow cards in as many matches. History does not smile very well for Japan so far. They have yet to beat the German Women's Soccer Team recently. But both sides are optimistic & have put up brave words for themselves.

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Here's Germany Women's Soccer team roster: Nadine ANGERER, Kerstin STEGEMANN, Saskia BARTUSIAK, Babett PETER, Annike KRAHN Linda BRESONIK, Melanie BEHRINGER, Sandra SMISEK, Birgit PRINZ, Renate LINGOR, Anja MITTAG, Ursula HOLL, Sandra MINNERT, Simone LAUDEHR, Sonja FUSS, Martina MUELLER

Here's Japan Women's Soccer team roster: Miho FUKUMOTO, Hiromi ISOZAKI, Yukari KINGA, Kyoko YANO, Miyuki YANAGITA, Ayumi HARA, Tomomi MIYAMOTO, Tomoe SAKAI, Eriko ARAKAWA, Homare SAWA, Mio OTANI, Nozomi YAMAGO, Kozue ANDO, Nayuha TOYODA, Azusa IWASHIMIZU, Aya MIYAMA, Yuki NAGASATO
Shinobu OHNO, Mizuho SAKAGUCHI, Rumi UTSUGI, Misaki AMANO

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