Why Boycott the Beijing Olympics?

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I have been reading through blogs, articles and news bits about a sort of boycott Beijing Olympics "movement" on the net and I can't help but think for myself why are people working to boycott the Olympics ? Or at least promoting to boycott the Olympics. I'm not sure if they are trying to come off as people who gives a non-partial, non-partisan view of the whole deal but if you ask me they are way out of it. These people are definitely biased towards their own advocacies. I definitely believe that they think the Olympic games next year is just the biggest platform to finally lash out at China's internal affairs. Because the human rights issue in China is truly an internal affair. No matter how many people join them in their movement to discredit China as Olympic host next year, the reality is China won it the bid several years ago & they will definitely make sure it is done next year. China is sparing no expense in preparing for it & they are even going to the lengths of controlling the weather to make sure it happens.

arguments of politicizing Chinese product safety, product Quality, political ironies & what-have-you's are the things they try to leverage. But are they really valid? are these even related to sports? Which is almost synonymous to the Olympics right? No matter how strong their argument is, I can't really bring myself to agree to their arguments or even contemplate about it because they 2 totally different topics. The only things that would make me think about China not fit to host or think about China should not be hosting the Olympics is if they didn't prepare for it or if they limit the games in the Olympics to favor their chances to get the most medals. I think that's not hard to argue.

For the sake of my argument why these blogs, articles and news opinions are preposterous, here are permalinks you can read to see for yourself what they had to say:

China: Politicizing Product Safety but Not the Olympics To the Chinese Communist Party, human rights are politics. In most advanced civilized nations, however, human rights are part of human principles and human value. The Chinese Communist Party continually warns the world that no one should politicize the Olympics based on its major human rights violation in China

Repression continues in China, one year before Olympic Games When the International Olympic Committee assigned the 2008 summer Olympic Games to Beijing on 13 July 2001, the Chinese police were intensifying a crackdown on subversive elements, including Internet users and journalists. Six years later, nothing has changed. But despite the absence of any significant progress in free speech and human rights in China, the IOC’s members continue to turn a deaf ear to repeated appeals from international organizations that condemn the scale of the repression.

Waters Wants To Boycott Beijing Olympics Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) introduced a resolution as Congress prepared to break for the August recess Saturday, urging President Bush to boycott the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Waters and others involved in the effort to end the humanitarian crisis in Darfur, where an estimated 200,000 people have died and millions more are homeless, want to pressure China to curtail its support of the Sudanese government.

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tess said...

yet no one suggests boycotting the olympics when they are held in canada or the united states for the blatant racism that still exists in those countries or the poor health care system or...or...?

cant they accept the ioc's decision and leave it at that?

i feel very sorry for the athletes, pawns on the political chessboard. it would be marginally better if they made the choice, however they don't get to.

"frosts my socks" as my gran would say.

thanks for the link, i will be back.

acumensch said...

Do you know anything about actually going to the 2008 Olympics and blogging. What will the Chinese government say? (Actually I've tried emaling their Olympic staff and have received no responses.)

The Olympics Blogger said...

I know enough NOT to blog about activism against China. I'm trying to capture some Chinese readers/viewers you know... Not to get banned.

I know enough that blogging is NOT all about activism. My mind is free enough NOT to concern myself with politics & be impartial/unbiased for the Olympics & sports.

acumensch, good luck in trying to email the Olympic staff. They probably get thousands everyday.

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