The Official 2008 Beijing Olympics Website

The picture above is the English version of the official website for the Beijing Olympic Games. There has been issues of fake websites trying to steal traffic & do unscrupulous promos to dupe people of their money. Being China, again they have blocked accesses to these websites in the mainland. Checking the 3 found fake here in the Philippines, I cannot access their webpages either. They are:
www.beijing2008.con ( under construction )

Googling "beijing olympics websites", I found a few more fakes claiming as "The official website of the BEIJING 2008 Olympic Games"

This one looks fake too:
In this case, can I call my blog as the "the official blogger of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games" ? Or "the official Beijing 2008 Olympic Games blogger" ? Hehehe... That should get me some traffic too...


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