The gaming console that works for me is...

I've been an avid gamer for as long as I can remember. Proof to that is our very first Atari game console from way back in the 80's which we still have in the attic. We don't play that anymore ofcourse but my siblings and I do have a long history playing ourselves tired in front of the TV. Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles we've played them all at one point or another and sometimes interchangably whenever we gave to buy new games.

We all have our favorites in the past. These days, however, the top 3 gaming consoles are almost at par with each other when it comes to fans while brandishing their own strong upsides depending on what a particular gamer is actually after. Time to make a final judgement!

The Wii has been getting more of the attention and raves reviews because of the fact that it offers more interactivity for the gamers that its competitors. Add to the fact that it also offers a huge library of games, it surely has become a huge favorite not only with the young kids but even with their parents. One drawback, however, is its incompatibility with our "High Definition" world. Players won;t get to maximize the potential of the HDTV's, suround-sound audio and what-have-thems with a Wii. As the saying goes, you can't get everything you want.

I don't own a ps3... yet. However, based on the reading I've been doing, it should be the the gaming console for me. Graphics and sounds are predict to be awesome depending on the gamer's equipment. The bad news seems to stem from the games that will be initially offered or or the scarcity there of. Makers of the PS3 will surely count on the appeal of true gamers in order make more games available.

The xbox 360 seems to be in the middle of the 2 consoled above. Its High Definition capability, connectivity and games available seems to have landed it in the middle ground. The price isn't bad either.

As I have experienced playing with only the Wii and xbox360, my heart goes out to Bill Gates' pride and joy. Playing games in High Definition always gets my vote and until the Wii makers are able to provide the same experience as when I'm playing Modern Warfare 2, it will be doubtful I can even think about changing my mind.


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