What's In A Uniform?

Ever wonder why you often find people with professions in a uniform? This subject brings me back a few days when I watched Will Smith's movie John Hancock on TV. His PR manager wanted and almost forced him to wear a superhero uniform which John, at first, reluctantly declined. His PR manager explains that people who do worthwhile things like doctors, police men, firemen and even mailmen were uniforms as a symbol of dignity and pride for their chosen profession. John Hancock ended up wearing the uniform on his first official superhero tour of duty and he ended up looking way better than in the drabs he has gotten so used to. In the world of sports, athletes also don uniforms as a show of identification, national pride and team work.

Even in our daily lives, you will hardly not see a person in some sort of uniform when you go outside. Take a trip downtown and you'll find thousands of people in their corporate apparel. The more modern and stylish uniforms are, the better looking people in them will look and all the more recognizable the company they represent.

These days, the companies that give huge importance to their personnel's appearance are hotels and restaurants because their people are the customer's "window" through their company. Modern and stylish hotel uniforms give customers an impression that the hotel will spare no expense in providing the utmost service and value to them because they have taken care of every detail down to their employees' uniforms.

Restaurant uniforms are valuable when in comes to corporate image. In the restaurant business, nothing else says tacky than a plain old white shirt and thin tie for waiters. To stand among the competition is the name of the game for the service industry in every way possible. This is the reason why www.iDbyLandau.com, arguably the best source of professional uniforms, have been leaving their competition eating dust. They have provided their customers with the latest in style and fashion when it comes to uniforms. Quality and style is the name of their game that is why their customers look no further than iD by Landau.


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