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In my years as a blogger, I have encountered many people who have recommended their favorite website hosting services based on experience, price and quality of service. I must also say that I have been tempted several times to actually go with their recommendations blindly. However, a contract of 1 or 2 years might be a little too long for me when it comes to web hosting simply because I may not eventually like the service I'm getting.

In this aspect, I prefer a parallel comparison of the best web hosting services available to help me make up my mind about this big commitment. Web hosting reviews are aplenty online but no one has done it better than Why? Simply because I am affiliated with 6 out of their 10 best-ranked web hosts, that's why. I have experienced many good feedbacks from people who I have already referred to the hosting services they have ranked and many of those have been loyal customers since they have signed up.

However, not all webmasters needs are the same. Some have limited budget while others prefer to go with the service that can handle better scalability. Others are mindful of the fine print but in most cases web masters will go for the service which will offer them the most for the fairest price.'s top 10 list is by far the most agreeable best web hosting round up I have seen.


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