Will somebody positive for cannabis in the 2008 Olympics?

Cannabis, though not as notorious as the performance enhancing steroids some track athletes have become fond of, has recently been found in the systems of track athletes. Most notably, the incident that involved British track star Mark Lewis-Francis who tested postive for cannabis seeds after coming in second for the 60 meters sprint at the 2005 European Indoor Championships. Lewis-Francis is a certified Olympic Gold medal winner prior to testing positive. This discovery prompted the British Olympic Association to automatically ban him from competing in any future competitions though he could still make an appeal. Cannabis is not a performance-enhancing drug therefore does not meet the same stiff penalty. Mark Lewis-Francis will miss this 2008 Olympics in Beijing due to an Achilles injury sustained during practice in Cyprus. He is not part of the British Olympic team this year.

Some of the conservative politicians, most notably Mr. Boris Johnson of the Conservative party of Britain, involved in the next Olympics in London has even commented on the possibility that hanfsamen can be used to alleviate pain relief. He says they have discussed and analyzed the evidence to support this claim so he couldn't give a definitive answer. It looks like if cannabis will ever be used in the Olympics, it would only be for pain relief. But where do people and doctors draw the line?

Experimental or not, people look at cannabis in different ways. Due to cultural and language barriers, people have varying knowledge of what cannabis is. For example, it is widely known that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands while people in conservative countries like the Philippines, for example, it is regarded no less vile that any other illegal drug. Whatever your language is, know more about cannabis or graine de cannabis by clicking the link here.


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