Romania: No Politics, Just Sports

Romania will adhere to the principle that sport must not be mixed with politics, Romanian President Traian Basescu said Wednesday.

Speaking at the inauguration of the "Sydney 2000" Olympic Complex at Izvorani, about 30 km north of the capital Bucharest, Basescu said he will meet with Romanian athletes before the Beijing Olympic Games to wish them luck, and expressed confidence that they will try their best to take Romania ahead through their performances. "Romanians have good athletic qualities and this capacity should be capitalized," he said, adding that Romanians are educated to be aware that people can hardly learn what competition in life is without sport.

"Without sport, people are less friendly and do not know how to fight for supreme performance in any field," said the president. The new Olympic center includes a gymnasium, tennis courts, a football field, a rugby field and accommodation facilities. A hotel and a recovery center will be ready next year. Source


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