Olympic Torch Reaches Mt. Qomolangma

Chinese mountaineers selected to carry the 2008 Olympics torch have completed their mission with resounding success! Mt. Qomolangma is the highest mountain peak in China and the Chinese have completed probably the most ambitious Olympic troch relay run in history.
Arriving mid morning at the peak, this particular torch relay was televised in an obvious bragging attempt by the Chinese that they can perform such momentous task. The torch was lit at about one hundred meters away from the summit and then relayed upwards by five torchbearers. The last bearer Tsering Wangmo, an ethnic Tibetan and one of the two female climbers on the final assault team, carried the torch to the peak. The unprecedented relay lasted about six minutes.

The 19-member final assault team consists of both ethnic Tibetans and Han Chinese, including university students and female climbers. They were spearheaded by ethnic Tibetan Nima Tsering and deputy head Luo Shen who is Han Chinese. About 30 climbers, including the mountaineering team and the cameramen, scaled Mt. Qomolangma in gusty winds and freezing temperature.


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