Olympic Medical Preparations All Set

Beijing has set up an emergency response command system to cope with any outbreak of infectious diseases during this summer's Olympic Games, an official said on Wednesday.
Jin Dapeng, chief of the Beijing Olympics organizing committee's medical support group, told a press conference that the city's 160,000 medical workers are all being trained to handle medical emergencies -- including bio-terrorist attacks.

"We have conducted risk assessments of epidemics during the Olympics and have made relevant prevention plans," said Jin. "The city's labs have been equipped with sophisticated test apparatus that can instantly find plague, anthrax and eight other virulent pathogens and biological toxins, in efficient support for the anti-terror combat. "We are well prepared for all kinds of threats," he added.

According to Jin, 3,223 medical workers would be dedicated to the Aug. 8-24 Games, working in hospitals, clinics, 156 first aid stations and 191 ambulances, and a comprehensive clinic will be set up at the Olympic Village providing emergency, initial medical and healthcare services in a dozen departments including internal medicine, orthopedics and physiotherapy.


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