Expat Chinese Show Support For The Olympics

Chinese people all over the world have been showing their full support for their country's biggest event this year! There was this big rally in Sydney's Chinatown area, Australia to show the Australian Chinese community's support for their country's hosting of the Olympics a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday, in a massive rally showing the same support, the Chinese community in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Their faces and arms painted with images of China's five-star red flag and Beijing Olympics symbols, and demonstrators waved Chinese and Dutch national colors and chanted: "Welcome to Beijing, Welcome to China!" People in their 70s, as well as kids in parents' arms, joined the three-hour rally which had the theme of "Welcoming the Olympics and focusing on China."

Tens of thousands of brochures, leaflets and souvenirs about China and the Beijing Olympics were handed out at the rally. Several thousand of signatures, from Chinese and other ethnic backgrounds, were collected in support of the Beijing Games. Some enthusiastic China fans of white skin listened to speeches at the rally. Jaap Dil, a Dutch process operator in the pharmaceutical industry, said he visited China twice, in 2000 and 2007, and saw a country undergoing enormous changes.


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